129. Quiet Sitting Draws Persons of Affinity to the Church


1 In the old days, disciples had to travel far to look for a master to teach them. Today it is the other way around. I am seeking you out and am leading you back to God’s big family. I have kept no secrets from you. Everything has been offered to you. All I am concerned about is that you do not put your mind and effort into the practice. I try my best to teach you.

1 過去是徒弟到各地去走訪老師。現在是師父我訪你們,要你們大家回到 上帝的大家庭。我毫無保留一點點秘密,全部奉獻給你們大家,只怕大家不用心,只怕你們不好好下功夫,我是盡量的告訴你們。

2 Time has changed. The peaceful and good old days are gone. Now that we are in the End Time of the Third Epoch, it is time to balance the books. Whether we are good or bad, all of us will have to face holocausts.

2 因為時代不同啦!過去是太平時代,現在是三期末劫要算總帳,好人、壞人不分,通通要遭大劫大難啦!

3 By the mercy of God, we use teaching quiet sitting for calling you out to the Lord of Universe Church. Do understand that quiet sitting is only a means, not the ultimate goal.

3 所以是 上帝特別的恩典,用靜坐來號召大家進入天帝教。靜坐只是一個手段,不是目的。

4 The goal is that we can all escape calamities from the End Time of the Third Epoch and be able to go back to God’s side without having to go through natural or man-made disasters.

4 目的是希望要大家都能逃過這三期末劫,好好的能夠回到 上帝身邊去,不要遭到天災人禍。

5 What a brutal disaster like nuclear war would be! Not only physical flesh would be destroyed, but the spirit would become a streak of smoke and vanish into thin air.

5 慘無人道的像核子戰爭起來怎麼得了啊!不僅是肉體毀滅,靈魂也成一條煙,都沒有了。

6 The purpose is for everyone to save himself first and then save people of the world. This is because all strivers of the Church are holocaust-rescuing missionaries who have come down to Earth to assist me saving the world from the End Time of the Third Epoch.

6 目的是要大家先能自救,然後救世救人。這是因為天帝教的同奮都是救劫使者,你們一起來幫我搶救三期末劫。

7 Therefore, you understand that quiet sitting is not the goal of the Lord of Universe Church, but it serves a way to draw people of affinity to the Church. Even if this is only a mean, we now can be saved by this method and lead our spirits back to God’s side.

7 因此靜坐不是天帝教的目的,而是引度原人進入天帝教的方法。儘管是方法,但是我們得到了這個方法,就能得救了,我們的靈就能夠回到 上帝的左右。

The Men’s Tenth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Third Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, September 10, 1990