157. Cultivating the Dao Is Tempering the Mind


1 To cultivate the Dao is to temper the mind. We temper the spiritual mind, not the physical mind. Tempering is invisible; it is an internal process.

1 修道即修心。修的不是形體的心,而是修無形靈覺的心,是屬於無形內心的修養。

2 Practice is physical. It is an external process. It requires action. For example, the Twenty Watchwords must be followed every day. This is what we call practice. You have to understand the meaning of these Watchwords and practice them in daily living. It is expressed through action, not only verbally.

2 修行是屬於有形的、外在的行為,必須要配合身體行動。如把廿字真言中每個字的意義都瞭解清楚,並融化配合於日常生活當中,就是修行。也就是要以行動來表示,不要光說不練。

3 For instance, in order to make his disciples “tarnish their own images,” Sakyamuni Buddha led them to homes begging for food.

3 如釋迦牟尼佛要使其弟子「破相」,因此祂便帶領弟子們沿門托缽,化緣要飯。

4 Everyone has pride. If you think begging for food is a shameful thing and that it damages your dignity, it means you have not been through it yet.

4 因為每個人都有自尊心,如果你認為去向人要飯吃,是件丟臉的事,有損自尊心,那就表示你本身的相尚未看破。

5 Do not take this lightly. This is very important in Buddhism. Therefore, to practice quiet sitting begins from knowing how to emulate the saints and sages in order to become a decent person.

5 不要看這是小事,在佛教來講卻是非常重要的大事。因此靜坐首重做人處事,從學習聖賢的行為開始。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 2, 1992