155. Dao and Devil Are Always Antagonistic to Each Other


1 To become a divine being, a saint or a perfected being in heaven requires self- cultivation. It requires striving toward oneself. Striving toward heaven and achieving equality of the sacred and the mundane begin with striving toward one’s own self. Achieving this requires a great deal of effort.

1 想成為仙佛聖真,要靠自己修煉,就是向自己奮鬥。要想向天奮鬥,求聖凡平等,首先要向自己奮鬥啊!要下苦功啊!

2 The divine beings, saints, and perfected beings in heaven cannot make any human become one of them nor can they stop any human from becoming one of them, unless the devil uses its dark energy to tempt them.

2 仙佛聖真不可能使你們成為仙佛聖真,相反的,也不可能使你們不能成為仙佛聖真,除非魔用魔的力量來引誘你們。

3 Be aware of what I said. The divine beings in heaven cannot stop you from becoming one of them, but the power of the devil can seduce you, stop you and fail you. The danger lies with the power of the devil. Dao and devil are always antagonistic to each other.

3 要注意這句話。仙佛是不可能阻止你們,但是魔的力量是可能會阻止你們、引誘你們,不讓你們成功的啊!危險就在魔的力量。道魔始終是對抗的。

4 The devil is the “devil mind.” One should be most concerned about the devil from within instead of devils from outside. I often say “Once your heart wavers, the devil will attack you.” For instance, drinking, sex, insatiable thirst for wealth and anger are all related to the “devil mind.”

4 「魔」就是心魔。怕就怕自己的心魔,而不是外面來的魔。我常常講:「你若心一動,魔鬼即來攻。」例如酒、色、財、氣等皆屬心魔。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 2, 1992