137. Practice Is Built over Time


1 When we are practicing, there are a few criteria to heed. Simply put, these are: “Dwell on nothing. Let everything go. Put everything down. Focus on nothing. Put all thoughts down. Think of nothing.”

1 我們在做功夫的時候,必須要注意的幾個條件。基本上最重要的就是要「心無所住,一切放下,放下一切;心無所注,一切不想,不想一切」。

2 “Dwell on nothing. Focus on nothing.” “Dwell” means to linger; do not linger at any place. “Focus” means to fixate. Do not fixate on anything. Everything you have experienced in your entire life, from the past, present or even the future, put them all down. Do not think about them. Keep all thoughts away from you.

2 「心無所住,心無所注」。「住」就是停留,不停留在某一個地方。「注」就是執著,不要執著在某一處,要將有生以來所經過的一切的一切-過去、現在,包括未來,通通放下,不要去想。它是它,我是我!

3 Everything of this world, whether good or bad, right or wrong, me or other people, should not be thought of, and neither should everything of the heavenly Dao.

3 凡是善惡、是非、人我,世俗上的一切,天道上的一切,都不要去想。

4 Allow many of the delusive and distracting thoughts to come and go. One thought comes and another thought goes. They come and go, and go and come. Let them come and go as they please. Do not chase them. To “chase” means to stay with the thought. Do not look back. “Think” of nothing.

4 許多妄想雜念,要聽它來去。一念來一念去,來來去去,去去來來,聽它自然去,自然來,也不要追想。追的意思就是想下去;也不要回想,既不回想也不追想,當然一切不想。

5 Perhaps when you first start doing it, you will find it difficult. As you continue to do it each day, in time you will reach that goal naturally. Your mind will ultimately change and you will have nothing left. By then you have emptied your mind from all thoughts naturally.

5 開始的時候也許感覺難一點。天天做,時間一長,自然會達到目的。最後你的心念就變了,變得一無所有了,就是自然而然變得無心無念了。

6 The result of “letting everything go” and “putting our thoughts down” is to have an empty mind and void of thoughts. Although in the beginning it is difficult to achieve, in time it will become habit-like and you could empty your mind routinely and spontaneously. This is what we say that “Practice is built up little by little over time.”

6 一切放下、一切不想的結果,就是一無所有,空空洞洞,無心無念。開始時感覺到難。做慣了,自自然然,習慣成自然。功夫是點點滴滴,日積月累成的。這個就叫功夫。

The Third Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, July 17, 1991