164. Working Quietly; Rescuing the World from Holocausts when the Time Comes

一六四、默默耕耘 應元救劫

1 Do the best you can. When the time comes, as the nonphysical force entrusts you with your mission, everything will change. As long as you shoulder some of the major responsibilities from heaven, you will know what to do and you will be able to do it.

1 要盡其在我。時間一到,無形會把任務加在我們的身上,令一切轉變!當責任加在我們身上時,如同天將降大任,我們就會樣樣都行,福至心靈。

2 You need to enrich yourself and cultivate, and wait to be called. We need to respond to the needs of the world because we come to this world to save it and take part in holocaust-rescuing.

2 要趕快充實自己,培養自己,等這個應元的天命。我們是應元來救劫、來救世的啊!

3 Work quietly from now on. Work hard and temper yourself diligently. Everything comes from hard work in tempering the self and practicing quiet sitting, including wisdom from the innate and physical strength that is acquired in this life. Once your practice has reached a certain level, inspirations will come to you spontaneously.

3 現在就要默默地耕耘,下苦功,勤修苦煉。不論是先天的智慧還是後天的體能,都要靠勤修苦煉、靠打坐得來。有了功夫,無形自然而然會啟發我們的靈感。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, April 21, 1993