177. Not Coveting Fame or Gain


1 The main themes that are associated with quiet sitting are: (1) purifying the heart and reducing desires, and (2) becoming indifferent to fame and wealth. Ordinary people think that when they are young they still have plenty of time, so they do not want to learn quiet sitting. However, when they are getting older and their days are numbered, they want to get to the bottom of everything and want to learn everything in a short time.

1 以靜坐而言,主要在清心寡慾,淡泊名利。年輕的時候以為來日方長,不想多學習。等到年紀大了,來日無多,對於每一件事都想儘快得到最後的究竟,這是一般人的心理。

2 As Confucius once said: “when a man is old, he needs to quit coveting gains [in fame and wealth].” This is to say, that as a man is getting old, his spirit and physical strength are getting weaker by the day, so he should not exert himself besides not coveting fame or wealth but do the best his body is able to.

2 所以孔老夫子說:「及其老也,戒之在得。」就是說年紀大了,精神、體力日漸衰弱,對於名利根本不應貪求之外,凡事也必須量力而為,不能勉強。

3 Learn to practice quiet sitting and try to do it every day. Do not rush it or delay it. Make it part of your daily routine, and one day you will realize that quiet sitting has been beneficial to your health.

3 但只要能不急不緩,學習打坐,天天去做,視之為生活的一環,把握住自然無為的原則,總有一天會對身體健康有很大的幫助。

The Second Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Special Training U.S. Class, July 10, 1994