154. The Dao Follows That Which Is Natural


1 The traditional way of cultivation has been the purposive method, which is practicing through the flesh. The other method is the non-purposive method, which is the “Supreme Truth-Blossom Vehicle Method for reaching the highest heaven, which is a natural, non-purposive mindfulness.”

1 傳統的修煉原則是從肉身上用功夫,是有為法。「法華上乘直修昊天虛無大道自然無為心法」是無為法。

2 One has a purpose while the other does not. The main principle behind the two methods is the same, as both are dual cultivation of self-nature and the physical body. Their goal of “following what is natural in the Dao” is the same, but their approaches are different.

2 一個是「有為法」,一個是「無為法」。而修持的總原則沒有差別,都是「性命雙修」。修持的方法雖不同,但目的都是一樣,就是「道法自然」。

3 As a result of this principle in cultivating the Dao, one can follow that which is natural via dual cultivation of self-nature and physical body.

3 因為有這個性命雙修的總原則,修煉才能達到道法自然的目的。

4 We know that even though one practices quiet sitting, one has to adapt to the changes of the time. Only by doing so, the goal of allowing “the nonphysical realm to transform the physical realm and the physical realm to work in concert with the nonphysical realm” can be reached, step by step.

4 我們知道,靜坐儘管是個人的修持功夫,但是也要適應時代氣運的變化,才能一步一步達到「無形應化有形,有形配合無形」的目的。

5 The natural, non-purposive mindfulness taught at the Lord of Universe Church is to ask people to just follow what is natural in cultivating the Dao. It does not resort to the slightest artificial power. Methods such as inducing qi or guiding the flow of qi are of artificial force. We do not induce qi or guide qi. We do not use breathing to control the flow of qi. We only follow what is natural in cultivating the Dao.

5 天帝教自然無為心法就是絕對不用絲毫人為的力量。運氣、導引是用人為的力量。我們不運氣、不導引,也不吐納,而是一切道法自然。

6 Where does our body come from? The human body is a small heavenly body, and heaven is a majestic heavenly body. Tell me what is maneuvering the movement of the heavenly body? It is the power of nature. The human body comes from the union of sperm and ovum in a most natural way, therefore, nothing in the world can go against the principle of nature.

6 我們這個身體是從哪裡來的?人是一個小天體,天是一個大天體。天體的運行,你們看看是有什麼力量在操縱它啊?那是大自然的力量啊!我們這個身體是經父精母血而來,所以一切不能違反大自然的原則。

7 Even though Laozi, the founder of Daoism, once said: “the Dao follows what is natural.” His descendants violated this principle by adopting the purposive method. The Lord of Universe Church is the only church that insists on “returning to the source,” stressing the rule of following what is natural in cultivating the Dao.

7 「道法自然」儘管是道家的始祖太上老君講的,但是他的後世子孫就違反他的原則,講有為法。只有我們天帝教是返本還原,一切道法自然。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, November 11, 1992