114. There Is Substance in the Void and Truth in Nonbeing

一一四、虛中有實 無中有真

1 This “natural, non-purposive mindfulness” means not resorting to the slightest artificial force or conceptualization.

1 所謂「自然無為心法」,即是修持時不假絲毫人為的力量與意念。

2 It is entirely the cultivation of one’s own perfect yang qi, to receive nature’s perfect yang Qi.

2 全在修一己真陽之氣,以接天地真陽之炁。

3 When applying the natural, non-purposive mindfulness, it is necessary to coordinate with “Drawing the Primordial Qi Through Silent Chanting,” which is specific to the Lord of Universe Church.

3 用自然無為心法時要配合天帝教特有的「默運祖炁」。

4 What we call the primordial Qi is God’s perfect spirit-yang Qi of the Supreme Lord of Mystic Skies, the Ruler of the Universe, the progenitor of our lineage.

4 所謂「祖炁」,即 道統始祖宇宙主宰玄穹高上帝之靈陽真炁。

5 Through blending, the Qi can proceed with its natural operations. Pressure points are opened and energy nodes become connected. This is the universe’s unmatched prime elixir for cultivating the Dao.

5 一經調和,聽其自然運化,關開竅通,實為宇宙間無上上品修道丹法。

6 The natural, non-purposive mindfulness is hard to get a grip on, and it is limitless, with no apparent foothold.

6 自然無為心法看來下手很難,似無邊際,又沒落腳點。

7 Actually, if you practice you will surely learn that there is substance in the void and truth in nonbeing.

7 實則只要把工夫做將去,自能體會到虛中有實,無中有真。

8 This kind of quiet sitting is simple and easy to practice. If you keep sitting as instructed, without worrying about anything, you will eventually understand completely how it works.

8 這功夫很容易,簡而易行。祇要照上述方法坐下去,什麼都不用管,最後一定會豁然貫通。

9 While all of you are sitting, do not worry about which meridian or channels you are opening. That would be an attachment to forms. As soon as you think about something, you are attaching it to a form.

9 各位靜坐時不必管它通了什麼脈、什麼經。這都是著相。只要心理一想就著相。

10 This is why you should let all your thoughts go, and your passages will open naturally. Even if they do not open, you will not run into problems.

10 所以什麼都不要想,自然就會貫通。就是不通也不會發生什麼毛病。

A fellowship meeting at Tianji Traveling Palace, November 12, 1984