91. Refining Jing into Qi


1 Refining jing into qi might take three, five or ten years of practice, but the task may still not be finished. When is there a proof that this first step of practice is complete?

1 煉精化氣這功夫,做三年、五年、十年都做不完。究竟要到什麼時候,可以證明這第一步功夫是做完了?

2 In my experience, you reach a trance-like state where there is internal breathing, but no external breathing. You do not know where your body is, and you reach the stage of self-forgetting.

2 憑我個人的體驗,要做到渾渾噩噩的境界,就是外呼吸沒有了,只有內呼吸。不知身在那裡,達到忘我階段。

3 When that happens, the workings of qi will proceed naturally. From the Conception Channel to the Governing Channel to the remaining Eight Extraordinary Channels the process moves through each pressure point.

3 到那時候,氣機自然運轉。任脈、督脈、奇經八脈,一關一關都打通了。

4 This is why I say: moving qi deliberately or guiding it by visualization is forcing something to happen. To do so is only a perception in your mind, and not truly qi in action.

4 所以我一再講,運氣導引,用意識導引,這是勉強。這只是你心理的感覺,不是真正的氣機在運轉。

5 In quiet sitting, the workings of qi should be allowed to proceed naturally. They should correspond to the natural movements of heavenly bodies. In this way you can reach a trance-like state of self-forgetting.

5 靜坐一定要讓氣機自然運轉,符合天體的自然運行,最後才能達到渾渾噩噩、忘我的階段。

Spiritual Talk about the Practice of Chinese Original Quiet Sitting, August 5, 1979