178. Protecting the Honor of the Church by Paying Attention to Your Speech and Conduct

一七八、注意言行 愛護團體榮譽

1 The major trials in cultivating the Dao involve money and sex. Strivers are obligated to safeguard the image of the Lord of Universe Church and the honor of our group. They must be extra careful with their speech and behavior.

1 修道主要的考驗就在財與色。同奮都有責任維護天帝教的共同形象與團體榮譽,對於個人的言行要特別的謹慎。

2 Even though the Church will not interfere with a striver’s private life, strivers must abide by the Twenty Watchwords as their “Code of Life” and make the effort to temper their inner character. This way they can cultivate righteous qi and put their force of holocaust-rescuing into full play.

2 雖然教院不干預同奮個人的私生活,但是天帝教同奮要遵守廿字真言-人生守則,要注重內心的修養功夫,才能培養正氣,發揮救劫的力量。

3 After you have been initiated into the Church, the nonphysical force will send each one of you guardian angels to follow you. Their job is to supervise and protect you, so you need to pay attention to your speech and behavior and protect the honor of our Church.

3 大家皈宗後,無形都派有監護童子跟隨同奮,一方面是保護你們,一方面也有監督的意思。所以同奮在日常生活即要注意言行,愛護天帝教的團體榮譽。

The Los Angeles Principal Hall, July 17, 1994