148. Practicing [Quiet Sitting] Steadfastly

一四八、始終不二 一門深入

1 Once your practice of quiet sitting reached a high level, your innate spiritual awareness will open up gradually and naturally. All in all, it is to “put the mind down.”

1 坐功到了一個相當的階段,自自然然慢慢就會開啟先天靈覺。總歸要把這顆心放下去。

2 Keep the mind focused. If you come across a practice or a discipline that appeals to you and you embrace it, and later you come across another that appeals to you, you should not switch to the new one. Do not jump around. This is a great taboo for Dao cultivators.

2 心要專一,不要今天看到這個地方好,就到這個地方來;明天看到那個地方好,又跑到那個地方去。這樣做對修道來說是犯大忌。

3 Stay focused. Choose one practice to delve into and continue to deepen your practice. If your mind cannot settle down here, it means you do not understand what the Lord of Universe Church is all about and there is no reason for you to force yourself to stay.

3 要專一,要一門深入。如果心放不下,對天帝教認識還不夠,就不要勉強在這裡。

4 If you choose to be here, you must be willing to delve into this discipline and remain focused and persistent.

4 要在這裡就要發心,始終不二,一門深入。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, November 22, 1991