104. Striving by Doing Quiet Sitting to Create Your Own Destiny

一0四、靜坐奮鬥 自我造命

1 Strivers of the Lord of Universe Church have to change their concept about quiet sitting. All strivers of the Church have their own backgrounds. They were divine beings in the heavenly realm. They are God’s emissaries, who came down to Earth under God’s command, to join the team of rescuers from holocausts, to rescue the people of the world, to rescue the people of China and Taiwan, and to rescue future generations. We need to make new lives for ourselves, do away with fatalism and create our own destinies.

1 天帝教同奮對靜坐的觀念要改變。天帝教的同奮都有來根,都曾是天上的仙佛,都是 上帝的使者,都是奉 上帝的命令下來救劫、救世、救中國、救台灣的人,救我們世世代代的子孫。因此要做造命的功夫,要靠自己創造新生命,要打破宿命論。

2 How to create new life? It is by way of helping others, by saving people, and by becoming decent human beings. Cultivate your heart and your appearance, accumulate hidden merits, accumulate virtues, and by “not looking for what one can gain, not seeking one’s own blessings.” Do the five cardinal disciplines diligently and practice the three strivings: striving within oneself, striving toward nature, and striving toward heaven.

2 怎麼造命?就是幫助人、救人、做好人。要修心修相,積陰功培功德,不為自己打算,不求個人福報,勤修五門功課,並力行三種奮鬥:向自己奮鬥、向自然奮鬥、向天奮鬥。

3 We are in a different age today. This is the age where the Earth is heading toward destruction and humanity is doomed.

3 尤其是因為現在的時代不同了。今天是地球快要毀滅的時代,整個世界人類的命運將要同歸於盡的時代。

Spiritual Talk about the Practice of Chinese Original Quiet Sitting, January 16, 1982