103. Creating a New Life While Still in Human Form

一0三、把握現實軀體 創造新生命

1 My fellow strivers, we all are blessed. Let us strive for the present and for the future. Make your vows quickly. The greater your aspirations, the higher the achievements.

1 同奮們,大家都是有福之人,為目前和未來奮鬥吧!趕快發願,立志愈大,成就愈高。

2 If you waste time, once you have expired, you become a free-floating harmonon, drifting in the atmospheric layer. All the free-floating harmonons had no merits accumulated while living on Earth, and they were vulgar and did not cultivate themselves; so after they expired on Earth, their spirits become homeless.

2 否則時光蹉跎,一失人身,則成自由和子,飄盪於大氣層之下。這些都是生前無功德、無修持庸俗之輩,死後變成無家可歸,無處存身。

3 Take a look at the Chinese characters of “equality of the sacred and the mundane.” They mean that we are equal to the saints and divine beings. Mencius once said: “What kind of a person is Shun? [22] What kind of a person am I? As long as a person can work diligently like Shun did, he can also be supported and admired by people.”

3 「聖凡平等」四字,就是說與聖賢仙佛同等。孟子曰:「舜何人也?予何人也?有為者亦若是。」

4 Those who are upright, can make big vows, and have great aspirations are equal in the eyes of God, and are entitled to be at God’s side.

4 凡能頂天立地,發大願,立大志者,在 上帝眼中一視同仁,一律平等,都有資格到 上帝身邊。

5 You should know that “when we follow the natural order of things and it coincides with the will of the people, it means it is the right way to go, and you should march forward without reservation. When things move against the natural order or the people’s will, it is not the way to go, and you should resist and not follow.” This is the same as what Confucius said: “If your path is different from the path of others, you cannot make plans together.”

5 應知「是道則進,非道則退」。即孔子曰:「道不同,不相為謀」的道理。

6 When you switch your thoughts and delve deeply into one discipline, you will naturally reach the level of equality between the mundane (the acquired) and the sacred (the innate).

6 只要大家一念之轉,一門深入,自然而然聖(先天)凡(後天)進入平等。

7 Laozi in Dao De Jing had said: “Following a main road is easy, yet people delight in difficult paths.” The word “easy” means ordinary and unexciting. The movement of heavenly bodies remains the same each day; it is ordinary and it is how it is.

7 老子在《道德經》曾言:「大道甚夷,而民好徑。」夷乃平常、平淡之意。天體運行,日日皆同。平平常常,即是大道。

8 Imagine if a heavenly body moves out of its orbit, would it not be the end of the world for us? That is why Laozi sighed and said that the main road is ordinary, but people delight in difficult paths. Dao cultivators should be able to discern this. Once they understand the reason, they have to practice it.

8 但細想,假若天體違背常軌,豈不是世界末日?因此老子感慨的說,大道很平常,而一般人卻喜歡走小路。修道人要有鑑別力。認清了後,務要實際去學。

9 We pray and meditate today, though it is for the sake of striving and saving all the living beings, it ultimately is about doing our best to create a new life, while we are still in human form. In other words, refining the three treasures of jing, qi, and shen in us is to create a spiritual life for the future.

9 今天我們祈禱靜坐,雖然是為拯救蒼生奮鬥,但是結果仍要自己把握現實軀體,創造未來生命。即內煉精、氣、神三寶,創造未來精神生命。

The Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, July 19, 1981


[22] Shun was one of the five legendary rulers in ancient China, approximately around 4000 BCE.