93. The Marvel of Matter Returning to Nature


1 When approached from an academic perspective, “quiet sitting” is a major branch of learning. It spans the fields of psychology, physiology, philosophy, medicine, metaphysics, biochemistry and religious philosophy.

1 從學術觀點來言,「靜坐」是一門大學問,包括心理、生理、哲學、醫學、形而上學、生化學、宗教哲學等學科。

2 Human life in the flesh always has a limit. Only spiritual life that was reached through cultivation can partake of eternity.

2 人的肉體生命總是有限,惟有經過修煉而成的精神生命,才能永生不死!

3 According to the “Annals of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty” in Records of the Historian, (the book was completed in 91 B.C., more than 2070 years ago) “the Yellow Emperor studied immortality even when fighting wars.… When over a century had passed, he could communicate with deities.

3 據《史記漢武帝本紀》載(《史記》成于公元前九十一年,距今二千零七十餘年):「黃帝且戰且學仙,百餘年而後與神通。

4 He mined copper from Mount Shou and cast a cauldron beneath Mount Jing. A dragon came down to meet him. The Yellow Emperor mounted it and flew into the sky. Later generations have thus named the place Cauldron Lake.”

4 采首山銅,鑄鼎荊山下,有龍下迎,黃帝上騎昇天,後世因名其地為鼎湖。」

5 The “Treatise on Investiture and Abdication” in Records of the Historian states that “Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty once asked his courtiers: I have heard that the Yellow Emperor did not die, yet there is a tomb for him. Why is that? (As he had already ascended, why is he entombed in Mount Qiao?)”

5 《史記封禪書》:「漢武帝曾問群臣:吾聞黃帝不死,今有塚,何也?」(既飛昇,何以橋山還有其陵寢?)

6 His attendants said, “He did ascend up to heaven. His ministers buried only his cap and robe.”

6 左右曰:「黃帝已昇上天,群臣葬其衣冠。」

7 We live in the age of science, so readers, of course, will not accept the claim that someone was carried up to sky by a dragon. But in truth, many things cannot be explained scientifically and remain to be studied.

7 今天是科學時代,說乘龍昇天,各位當然不能接受。實則不能用科學解釋,尚待研究者太多。

8 In Section Four of the “Spiritual Tempering” chapter of A New Realm (the Lord of Universe Church’s doctrine) are these words: “This is the appearance of the true self (refined self), a transformation of one’s original bodily frame engendered by bodily qi and cosmic Qi.

8 我在教義《新境界》第五章第四節「精神之鍛煉」所言:「此乃真我之出現,亦即原來軀體氣炁孕育之化身。

9 From this point one works to refine shen back to emptiness, to consume oneself with true fire. The fleshly body falls away, and the true self endures.

9 從茲煉神還虛,真火自焚,瓦解肉體,真我常存。

10 This is the power of raynon, the marvel of matter returning to Nature.”

10 此乃鐳炁之威力,亦為物質而返自然之妙用。」

Second Lecture of Chinese Original Quiet Sitting, April 28, 1979