117. Setting a Good Example with Upright Behavior and Speech

一一七、言行正直 做好榜樣

1 After you finish the Chinese Quiet Sitting Class, add quiet sitting [the fifth cardinal discipline] to the four cardinal disciplines every day. Reflect and repent every day and night by checking against the two Watchwords you have chosen.

1 正宗靜坐班結業以後,每天除了做四門功課以外,還要再加一門靜坐。其中最重要的是,每天早晚要做反省懺悔的功夫,看看有無違背自己認定的兩個字。

2 The Lord of Universe Church advocates “action.” For thousands of years, every Chinese knew about “the five bonds of human relationships[26] and the eight cardinal virtues.” The reason why the world has fallen is because people chose not to follow them, although they understand them. I hope our strivers will practice them.

2 天帝教主張要「行」。中國幾千年來,沒有人不知道五倫八德。其所以世道人心到了這種不堪收拾地步,就是因為人們知而不行。希望同奮要身體力行這一門功課。

3 The Lord of Universe Church has always been emphasizing the cultivation of righteous qi. Righteous qi comes from reflection and repentance, and from making corrections and doing good deeds. I hope our strivers will set a good example for others.

3 天帝教一向強調培養正氣。正氣多從每天反省懺悔、改過遷善中而來。同時希望教徒同奮要做一般人的模範,要以身作則。

4 The preaching development of the Lord of Universe Church, and the faith and devotion that strivers have to the Church are not bestowed by God. They are cultivated by fellow strivers. Everyone needs to have righteous qi and lead the society by personal examples. This action will draw persons of affinity to come and join us.

4 天帝教的弘教發展與同奮對天帝教的信心與向心力,不是 上帝賜給我們的,而是教徒同奮自己培養出來的。大家要有正氣,做社會榜樣,自然原人都會來參加。

The Men’s Fourth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Seventh Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, September 28, 1986


[26] The five bonds of human relationships are: between sovereign and minister, parent and child, husband and wife, between brothers/sisters and between friends.