170. Tempering the Mind to Cease All Thoughts


1 My biggest goal is to see you all restore your original hearts and that you will remain unmoved regardless of anything desirable you will encounter from now on. Desires can be limited to desires without thoughts.

1 我最大的目的,就是希望各位恢復原來的本心。今後不論看到什麼可欲的東西,都能夠使得這顆心不動。「可欲」,欲望的欲,沒有心的欲。

2 People usually say “when the desirable is out of sight, the mind remains unmoved.” People normally do not move when they do not see desirable things. Strivers of the Lord of Universe Church, however, have to be tempered to a level that even if they see the desirable things in front of them, they remain unmoved. This depends on the level of tempering the mind.

2 一般人講「不見可欲,其心不亂」。一般人是只要不看到,當然心不動;但是天帝教的同奮,要煉到就算看到了,心也不動。這就要靠平時修煉的功夫。

3 “Unmoved” means the mind rests. As soon as the mind moves, it cannot control itself, which may lead to chaos. A Dao cultivator needs to remain unmoved, and at the same time, take it a step further and remain quiet in mind, with a peaceful disposition so he will not take offense.

3 不亂就是不動心。心一動就亂掉了。方寸之間把握不住了就要「亂」。修道人不單是要不動心,而且要進一步的心平氣和,不動氣。

4 Cultivation, training and reflection are all parts of tempering the mind. Tempering the mind takes it one step further. It requires one to stop thinking. As you temper your mind, you need to stop thinking improper thoughts and turn all improper thoughts into proper ones.

4 修持、修養、省察,都在講煉心功夫的範圍。煉心還要進一步止念。一面煉心,一面要把不正當的念頭都停止了。把所有不正當的妄想雜念都煉成正念,也就是正當的念頭。

5 When all your thoughts are proper, you begin to gradually turn proper thoughts into no thoughts. This is why I have been telling you that you need to have no mind and no thoughts while practicing quiet sitting.

5 煉成正念後,再從正念慢慢變成無念,沒有念頭了。所以我一直告訴大家,在靜坐的時候要做到無心無念。

6 What method can we use to temper our mind and cease thinking? Strivers of the Church have been asked to follow the Twenty Watchwords, the Code of Life, as soon as they were initiated into the Church. We ask everyone to reflect and repent daily. “Admit your errors and correct yourself” is the way to temper your mind and stop thinking.

6 用什麼方法來煉心止念啊?天帝教同奮一進大門,就要奉行人生守則-廿字真言。要大家每天反省懺悔,認錯改過。這些就是煉心止念的方法啊!

7 Tempering the mind is paying attention to things that you do in your daily life, in your dealings with people and matters and with all other aspects. You need to pay attention even when you are eating and sleeping, otherwise when will you find time to temper your mind?

7 煉心就是在平常的做人、做事,行住坐臥中煉。就是吃飯、睡覺都要注意,否則在什麼時間煉啊?

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, June 9, 1993