175. Self-Cultivating for Self-Improvement


1 Quiet sitting is the way for tempering jing, qi, and shen. It is a national treasure that was introduced thousands of years ago by lofty beings such as Fuxi, the Yellow Emperor–Xuanyuan and Laozi. It is still practiced today, and it is still spreading. Quiet sitting brings about physiological changes.

1 鍛煉精氣神的方法,就是靜坐,也稱為打坐。打坐是中國上起伏羲老皇歷代高人,以迄軒轅黃帝、太上老君等流傳至今的國粹精華,可以使生理產生變化。

2 The human body is like an extremely sophisticated machine that contains enormous amounts of energy. Quiet sitting launches the workings of qi. This qi is the “internal force;” external breathing (breathing through the nose) belongs to the “external force.”

2 人身就好像一部十分精密的機器,其中蘊藏著巨大的能量。打坐可以發動氣機。這氣機屬於內力,外呼吸(鼻息),屬於外力。

3 You inhale and exhale at the right moment when you are supposed to. The workings of qi will begin automatically, and will keep running once the internal and external breathing are working in concert.

3 該呼的時候呼,該吸的時候吸。內力、外力兩種力量相互配合,則氣機自然發動,運轉不息。

4 The Lord of Universe Church is blessed with the “Supreme Truth-Blossom Vehicle Method of Chinese Original Quiet Sitting.” When strivers are learning quiet sitting in class, their “Gates of Heaven” are opened for them in order, so they could draw God’s perfect spirit-yang Qi. This enables strivers to refine their shen back to emptiness directly, cultivate a conferred spirit and achieve a “body beyond the body” on Earth.

4 天帝教「法華上乘正宗靜坐」得天獨厚,在傳授靜坐時,首先為同奮打開天門,接引 上帝的靈陽真炁,同奮因此才可以直接煉神還虛,修煉封靈,立地成就身外之身。

5 When practice deepens external breathing (breathing through the nose) stops naturally, while internal breathing (true breathing, breathing of the fetus) continues normally. It is as if a fetus is “breathing” through the mother. When you have reached this level of practice, you come to the realization that there is definitely no need for yin or yang from outside of your body (male or female).

5 等到功夫深了,外呼吸(鼻息)自然停止,內呼吸(真息、胎息)照常運作。等於胎兒在母體中,以母體之呼為呼,以母體之吸為吸。靜坐功夫到了這個程度,可以自修自證了,根本不需要身外的陰陽(男女)。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, February 1, 1994