160. The Sudden-Path Method: the Way to Cultivate Conferred Spirits


1 In every dynasty throughout the millennia of Chinese history, there were people who attained the Dao and became immortals. We are now in the industrial age. Since 1931, the start of the Phase of Onset, the beginning phase of the End Time of the Third Epoch, it has been difficult to cultivate by refining elixirs because of too many demonic tests.

1 中國幾千年來,每一時代總有些人修成功而成仙的。但是現在是科技文明時代,尤其是從民國二十年行劫開始的三期末劫以來,用煉丹的方法是修煉不出來的,因為魔考太多了。

2 When a person who has not been taught by a wise master searches without a sense of direction, he cannot continue cultivation and he drops out. That is why people say “seekers of the Dao come by the cartloads, but achievers of the Dao are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.”

2 一個人在暗中摸索,沒有高明的師父傳授,就不修了,就退志了。所以說「修道的人車載斗量,成道的人是鳳毛麟角。」

3 By the mercy of God, the Sudden-Path Method was passed down for the cultivation of conferred spirits. This is due to the fact that there have been many seeds of divine beings, saints, and perfected beings from the nonphysical realm that were sent down to Earth from heaven to save all the living beings of the world at this End Time of the Third Epoch but decided to stay in the human world, or who could not return and began the cycles of reincarnation. The nonphysical side had to find ways to replace those seeds.

3 傳授急頓法門以利同奮修煉封靈是 上帝的慈悲。因為三期末劫在無形界投下去的救劫仙佛聖真的原種太多了,但有的下來就不想回去了,或回不去了,墮落在人間,從此輪迴,所以要想法子補充無形界的仙佛聖真啊!

4 Since cultivating by refining elixirs cannot meet the needs, the “directly practicing a natural, non-purposive mindfulness for cultivating the great empty Dao of the highest heaven” method was brought down, along with the “Sudden-Path Method of cultivation” so that some can become divine beings in the here and now.

4 修煉丹道來不及了,所以降下「直修昊天虛無大道自然無為心法」,使同奮可以同時修煉急頓法門,立地成就仙佛。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 15, 1992