153. The Study of Anthro-Celestial Practice


1 “Anthro” represents the great universe. Cosmic culture is the great Dao of the cosmos which represents heaven. The “Study of Anthro-Celestial Practice” is the study of cosmic life and the laws of nature.

1 「天」代表大宇宙。宇宙文化就是天帝教講的宇宙大道,就是代表「天」。研究「天人之學」就是研究宇宙人生的究竟,研究宇宙的自然法則。

2 Chinese culture has a long history, and an important part of it deals with the universal truths. The truth of all things is expressed in the I Ching [I Jing, aka Book of Changes]. The philosophy of the Book of Changes portrays the truths of all things and all matters as the natural laws of the universe.

2 中華文化源遠流長。其最重要的部分,有關萬事萬物的真理,就在一部《易經》上表達、表現出來。易經哲學講的就是萬事萬物的真理,也就是宇宙的大自然法則。

3 Some people are serious about studying and researching the truths of the universe, while others are only interested in what they can gain for themselves. They do things for selfish reasons only. Whenever anything takes place, they use I Ching to tell fortunes. This is a superstitious concept and act. These people do things only for themselves and are not interested in study or research.

3 有很多人真正想研究學問,他們研究宇宙真理,研究萬事萬物的真理。也有人只為自己打算,只會私心用事,他們一有什麼事情就用《易經》來卜個卦。這種是迷信的觀念及行為。這種人的所做其實只是為自己打算,不是為研究學問而研究的。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, November 3, 1992