119. Opening the “Gate of Heaven” for Spirit to Enter Life through Death


1 Quiet sitting requires that we give our physical body a chance to transform and evolve naturally. The goal of quiet sitting cannot be attained in a mere one hundred days, or a year, or even two years.

1 靜坐時一定要聽其生理上自然的變化與改造,但不是一百天、一年、兩年就能達到靜坐的目的。

2 If you prefer not to participate, then so be it. But once you receive the “Touch of Dao,” it is time to make quiet sitting a part of your daily living.

2 因此不參加則已,一經點道,就要把靜坐視為生活的一環。

3 The “Touch of Dao” is the key step to the “Supreme Truth-Blossom Vehicle Method.” It means opening the “Gate of Heaven”[27] so spirit-consciousness can endure death unscathed and return to its origin.

3 「點道」,是法華上乘法門中最重要的步驟。點道就是打開「天門」,使得靈識得能出生入死,返本還原。

4 In the process of cultivation, you make yourself receptive to the primordial Qi. You allow God’s perfect spirit-yang Qi to enter through your “Gate of Heaven” and merge with the subtle workings of yang qi you have perfected in your own body.

4 在修煉過程中,「天門」被打開可以使人接引祖炁,使 上帝的靈陽真炁,經由天門進入,而與自身修得之陽氣調和運化。

5 As time passes and your practice deepens, your “refined self” or “conferred spirit” [28] can come and go as it pleases.

5 日久功深,你的「二我」或者「封靈」可以來去自如。

The Men’s Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Ninth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, December 19, 1987


[27] The "Gate of Heaven" is a nonphysical orifice; its location is visualized as being on the crown of the head.
[28] A conferred spirit is a complete spirit being, in one's same shape and likeness, as when it was first created, only it would not have a flesh form, and it would remain unchanged. Earth immortals are conferred spirits.