138. Self-Forgetting in Quietude Causes Yang Qi to Rise

一三八、定靜忘我 陽氣昇華

1 What is “self-forgetting?” In daily life, most people take the “I” as the subjective center. This is the false self, the mortal spirit.

1 什麼是「忘我」?因為一般人在日常生活中,一切都以「我」為主體。這個我是「假我」,就是凡體。

2 When meditating in a luminorium, the false self sits on its cushion, as the mind becomes utterly settled and enters a trance-like state, your hands and feet will seem to disappear, then your torso will seem to vanish and finally, even your head will slip into nonexistence. Mind and body, inside and outside, will be swept away, leaving the light of the “one spirit (vital spirit) constantly shining.” This is the stage of self- forgetting.

2 到了上光殿靜坐時,這個假我坐在蒲團上,到了心定下來,定到極點,進入渾渾噩噩的狀態,首先感覺兩手、兩腳頓然消失,再出現身體胸、背無存之意感,最後連頭部豁然化為虛無,身心內外一切皆蕩然不存,只覺得「一靈(元神)常照」,此即為忘我的階段。

3 At this stage, the hidden workings of qi is still imperceptibly active, causing yang qi to rise and to expel murky qi and yin qi through open pressure points and energy nodes. This is all done without being aware. That is, this process depends on the inner workings of the body as the engine turns on.

3 到了這個階段,無形中此時氣機仍在隱隱發動,陽氣昇華,把濁氣、陰氣排出去,開關通竅啊!無形中就在做這個功夫。就是靠身體內部的氣機發動,這個引擎發動啊!

4 This engine is supported by the righteous qi from heaven and earth. Each person has such an engine, and the force that keeps it running is the righteous qi from heaven and earth.

4 這個引擎得到無形中的天地正氣支持它。每一個人都有這一部機器,動力就是天地正氣。

5 You must enter the realm of self-forgetting before you can talk about cultivating a conferred spirit, and you must rid your odorous skin bag of its murky qi and yin qi before you can use the body to cultivate conferred spirit.

5 要進入忘我的境界,然後才能談到煉封靈。要把這個臭皮囊弄乾淨,陰氣、濁氣弄乾淨,煉封靈才有用啊!

The Third Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, July 23, 1991