173. Eliminating Karmic Obstacles to Return to the True Self


1 In the course of life, people are “thrashing about through reincarnations” in order to survive, and they may or may not be aware that they have accumulated a great deal of karmic debts, which may include evil karmic debts.

1 很多人為了求生存,在輪迴裡顛顛倒倒,不知不覺造下很多的業。這很多業包括惡業。

2 A phrase says: “do not do any evil acts but do only good acts.” However, there are many people that think for themselves only, and do all kinds of bad things. That is why after they were born, they have no way to return to heaven. They cycle repeatedly in hell as they have no way to eliminate their evil karmic debts. This is what we call the “self-inflicted consequences of sin.”

2 人家說「諸惡莫作,眾善奉行」,但是很多人都只為自己打算,無惡不作,所以從先天下來以後就沒有辦法回到天上去,留在地曹打轉,因為惡業沒有辦法消除,這就是所謂的「自作孽」。

3 In the human world, the rule of “those who kill, let them be killed; those who owe, let them pay it back” applies to those who do evil things. According to heavenly laws, these people will also receive punishment from the nonphysical realm.

3 在人道上,作了孽就叫「殺人償命,欠債還錢」,但在無形界,人也要受天律的制裁。

4 The evil karmic debts that have accumulated from past reincarnations are the same as carrying over a “balance due,” which must ultimately be fully paid. Although you have been initiated into the Lord of Universe Church and have completed the Chinese Original Quiet Sitting class, if you are still encumbered with karmic debts you cannot finish your work in this life and reach perfection.

4 每一個輪迴累積下來的惡業沒有償清,等於欠了債沒有還清。今天進了天帝教的大門,學習正宗靜坐,但業力纏身,沒有辦法功圓果滿。

5 You have to finish paying old debts and avoid creating new ones. Once all your debts are fully paid you will be free from debts and return to your true self.

5 一定要把這許多債都還清,老債還清,不欠新債,之後清清白白,自然可以還我本來。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 7, 1993