118. Reflecting and Repenting


1 Righteous qi comes from the four cardinal disciplines and quiet sitting [the fifth cardinal discipline], of which “reflection and repentance” is the most important discipline. When you are reflecting, your engendered spirit and your guardian angels are by your side, evaluating you. If you do not reflect, your engendered spirit and guardian angels will be disappointed.

1 正氣是從四門功課和靜坐而來,其中最重要的是反省懺悔。反省時原靈和監護童子都在旁邊考核。如果不做反省懺悔這一門功課,原靈、監護童子會感到失望。

2 The heavenly evaluation criteria on humans consider merits and righteous qi to be at the top of the list. [I hope my] fellow strivers do not disappoint them. You want to keep them excited in the nonphysical side so that they will help you in your worldly dealings and career, and keep peace in your family.

2 由于天上的價值標準以功德與正氣為第一,同奮不要使祂們失望,要使祂們在無形中更加振奮,更加幫助你們在人道上努力,可以使你們家庭平安、事業順利。

The Men’s Fifth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Eighth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, August 9, 1987