147. Expounding and Spreading the True Dao; Returning to the Source

一四七、闡揚真道 返本還原

1 The standpoints of the Lord of Universe Church advocate: (1) studying the great Dao of the cosmos in order to expound and spread the academic side of anthro-celestial culture, that is, to enrich church doctrine, and (2) practicing quiet sitting to help one reach anthro-celestial union, which is “directly practicing a natural, non-purposive mindfulness for cultivating the great empty Dao of the highest heaven.”

1 天帝教的立場,第一是研究宇宙大道。闡揚天人學術文化,也就是充實教義;第二是打坐。藉直修昊天虛無大道自然無為心法以達天人合一之境。

2 The core of the Lord of Universe Church centers around two actions: (1) expounding and spreading the church doctrine to preach the great Dao of the cosmos, and (2) directly practicing the “Sudden-Path Method” for holocaust-rescuing so we can return to the source in the end.

2 天帝教的核心就是在做這兩件事:闡揚教義以傳佈宇宙大道和直修救劫急頓法門以返本還原。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, November 6, 1991