151. Tempering the Mind until Nothing Is Left in It


1 Those who have firm Dao mindset are indifferent to fame and wealth. Yet those who are indifferent to fame and wealth do not necessarily have a firm Dao mindset. There is a gap between the two.

1 道心堅定的人,都會淡泊名利;淡泊名利的人,不一定會道心堅定。這兩者之間還有距離。

2 When people think of wealth and sex, they cannot sit still to practice quiet sitting, let alone cultivating the Dao. It would be pointless to even try. The body may be sitting on the cushion in the luminorium, but the mind will not be able to get away from these thoughts and will continue to drift. In this case, it is better not to practice quiet sitting. Sitting with such a mental state may be harmful to the body.

2 財色兩個字,凡心一動,不要說是修道,就是打坐也坐不住啊!坐也沒用,身體在光殿,坐在蒲團上,心放不下,胡思亂想,不坐還好,一坐反而對身體有傷害。

3 Therefore the most important thing in quiet sitting is to let the mind go. Speaking of “tempering the mind,” it is important to continue tempering until there is nothing left in the mind, at which point the mind is clean and free of “self.”

3 所以打坐最主要就是要把心放下。要講「煉心」,把心裡面煉得一無所有,煉到乾乾淨淨,什麼都沒有,最後變成無私無我!

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, July 27, 1992