163. The Ways of Striving


1 The first way of striving is chanting the Grand Orison. When chanting the Grand Orison, you are on your hands and knees, coordinating your breathing with each prostration. From a viewpoint of exercising, this is a whole body workout.

1 第一個奮鬥方法是唸皇誥。唸皇誥時必須五體投地,調和呼吸。以運動立場而言,這就是全身活動。

2 When you chant the Grand Orison daily for a hundred days, you can see the effects. It can help you get rid of diseases naturally.

2 天天唸皇誥,天天奮鬥,一百天下來一定可以見效,自然可以袪病。

3 The Lord of Universe Church asks strivers to chant the Grand Orison to lessen the miasma of violence with righteous qi, without looking for “what one can gain and without seeking one’s own blessings.”

3 天帝教要求同奮唸皇誥不為自己打算,不求個人福報,全憑正氣力量化除暴戾之氣。

4 As long as one ignores the “self,” remains focused, acts unselfishly and thinks of all the living beings of this world, his health will improve naturally. The logic of it is quite a mystery.

4 只要內心確實忘我無私,為天下蒼生,一心不亂,身體在自自然然中自會變好,其中的道理十分奧妙!

5 The second way of striving is quiet sitting. Quiet sitting can reverse the course of dying but the key to quiet sitting is “continuity.”

5 第二個奮鬥方法是靜坐。靜坐可以起死回生,但是關鍵在「不間斷」。

6 By making quiet sitting a part of your daily activities, you can surely attain good health and accomplish great things, as long as you practice it every day, which helps supplement the depleted jing, qi, and shen.

6 只要天天坐,天天補充消耗的精、氣、神,視靜坐為生活的一環,一定可以有健康的身體。

7 We are now in the End Time of the Third Epoch. As God’s holocaust-rescuing missionaries, we are called to resolve the problems of humanity. We need to temper ourselves. Only with healthy bodies can we continue to strive.

7 今天是三期末劫的時代。我們都是 上帝的救劫使者,都有使命解決世人的困難,所以更要磨煉自己。有了健康的身體,才可以長期奮鬥下去!

The Anthro-Celestial Research Institute, January 25, 1993