127. Striving for All the Living Beings and Cultivating a Conferred Spirit

一二七、為天下蒼生奮鬥 為自己培養封靈

1 In the End Time of the Third Epoch, it is too late for cultivating the body. For those who are dedicated in cultivating the Dao, a new path, the “Sudden-Path Method” to cultivate conferred spirits has opened up by the mercy of God.

1 由於在三期末劫,修煉肉體已經來不及,慈悲的 上帝,特別開了一條新的道路,給人間有志修道的人,修急頓法門,培養封靈。

2 So long as one can strive to save all the living beings of this world, he can cultivate a conferred spirit for himself, and return to oneness with nature automatically.

2 同奮只要能為救天下蒼生而奮鬥,可以同時為自己培養封靈,也可以自動回歸自然。

3 “Automatically” is referred to cultivating the fleshly body to form an Embryo of Sainthood, and when this is completed, his yang shen will ascend. He will be summoned to ascend to heaven in a single step.

3 所謂「自動」,等於修煉肉身結了聖胎,陽神沖舉,奉詔飛昇一樣,可以直接一步登天。

4 Church staff has received special grace from God. Their striving force can help them cultivate their own conferred spirits for as long as they can work hard at their posts, cultivate righteous qi, strive for averting and dispelling nuclear holocausts, rescue all the living beings of this world, and work hard for securing Taiwan as the Base of Revival.

4 教職同奮已得到 上帝的特別恩寵。只要在崗位上努力,培養正氣,為化延核戰毀滅浩劫、拯救天下蒼生,以及為確保台灣復興基地而奮鬥,這種奮鬥的力量還可以為自己培養封靈。

5 Each day, as the striving force is increasing, the conferred spirit continues to grow. Over time it will develop its own character and travel freely between heaven and the human world to assist in holocaust- rescuing.

5 當奮鬥力量不斷加強,封靈就一天一天壯大。日久自能具備獨立人格,可以在天上人間來去自如,發揮救劫的力量。

6 Once the cultivation of conferred spirits is complete, they can ascend directly to the Pristine Palace to continue cultivation, so they can return to God’s side and abide in the cosmos.

6 培養封靈一旦完成,可以直上清虛宮繼續修煉,得能追隨在 上帝左右,而與宇宙共始終。

Church Staff Inauguration Ceremony, May 1, 1988