132. Repenting and Praying Cultivate the Spirit and Condition the Body

一三二、懺悔祈禱 調靈調體

1 When we pray to God and we have legitimate wishes, God will grant them. All requests from strivers with righteous qi will be accepted by God. This is the so called anthro-celestial communion.

1 我們一面在懺悔,一面有什麼心願,凡是合情合理的事情都可以祈禱,可以請求 上帝。凡是有正氣的的同奮請求, 上帝一定會接受。這就是天人親和。

2 When we reflect and repent, the engendered spirits and our spirits are linked to each other, and the engendered spirits serve as bridges [messengers] delivering our prayers to heaven.

2 在反省懺悔的時候,原靈同凡靈契合起來,原靈在無形中做橋樑,把我們的祈禱轉達到上面去。

3 Since you are believers and strivers, you should be doing the five cardinal disciplines. They benefit you without causing any harm. Doing the five cardinal disciplines diligently means you are tempering your mind. This is because reflection and repentance are most closely related to tempering the mind.

3 既然是教徒同奮,就要做五門功課。這對大家只有好處沒有害處。如果能夠勤做五門功課,就是天天在做煉心的功夫,因為反省懺悔與煉心有最直接的關係。

4 The workings of cultivating the spirit and conditioning the body take place during quiet sitting and when you are reflecting and repenting. It is at this time that the engendered spirit and your mortal spirit are united.

4 調靈調體除了在靜坐時運作外,就是在各位反省懺悔時進行。在這一個時間內你們的原靈同凡靈合體了。

5 If you do not want your engendered spirit to leave, you need to keep striving. All members of the Quiet Sitting Class had the union with their engendered spirits.

5 你希望原靈不要離開,但是你不奮鬥原靈就要離開。靜坐班時同奮的原靈通通和你們都合體了。

6 Why should some of the strivers that come to the fifty-five day training this time ask their engendered spirits to come back? Let me tell you, many of your engendered spirits, of at least one-fifth of you, had already left. I am responsible for inviting them back.

6 為什麼這一次在五十五天訓練的同奮中間,還要臨時將原靈請回來?我告訴你們,有很多的原靈,最少有五分之一,原本已經離開了。我負責去請祂們回來。

7 I hope you, the persons of affinity and mortal spirits, will strive continuously with your engendered spirits, so that you will remain united forever.

7 希望原人、凡靈今後持續不斷奮鬥,使你們的原靈永久跟了你們,永久同你們合體。

The Third Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, July 15, 1991