172. True Psychics Are about Saving People and Saving the World


1 Strivers are able to concentrate and use their mental power to pray to God in the luminorium, without looking for their own gain. Their sincerity has reached the Golden Tower and moved Heaven’s mind. We can achieve the initial attempt of averting and dispelling holocausts because the head of this Church is God. Isn’t this the greatest supernatural psychic power?

1 在每一個光殿裡,大家全憑一片丹心,不為自己打算的丹心,運用念力,直達金闕,感動天心。因為我們的教主是 上帝,所以今天才能達到初步化延的目的。這個豈不是大大的神通嗎?

2 Psychic powers that are applied to saving people are recognized as true psychic powers. If a person uses these powers for selfish purposes only, what kind of psychic powers are these?

2 神通一定是要為救大多數人才叫神通。如果神通只為個人,為一己之私,這叫什麼神通啊?

3 Today you are taught about the techniques of Cosmic Qi Healing. As long as you have compassion for people [when doing Cosmic Qi Healing], you will be able to help people get rid of diseases.

3 今天把天人炁功的方法傳給你們了,你們只要能發心救人,發慈悲心,你們就都能夠看得好病。

4 Is it not a much greater psychic power when you understand how heaven is operating and you can follow its Dao? What significance do those “minor” psychics have? Why are you still occupying your minds with them? You should be marching toward God’s great Dao of the universe. Do not disappoint the nonphysical force that is helping you cultivate your spirit and condition your body. Get it out of your minds.

4 體天行道,這個不是大神通嗎?那些小神通還有什麼意義?大家的心結為什麼還解不開,還不朝著天帝宇宙大道,勇往直前?不要辜負無形替你們調靈調體,趕快鑽出牛角尖吧!

5 If you cannot think this through and get a clear understanding and promptly correct yourself, you will be unable to resolve your problems and you will continue to suffer and face obstacles. If you betray your soul, your engendered spirit will be crying and will have to leave you.

5 如果同奮們還不能自己想清楚,趕快正本清源,否則將「磨」障重重。你若出賣靈魂,你的原靈會哭,也只好離開你了。

6 Once your engendered spirit has left you, you will be cut off from the Qi lineage, which means your relationship with heaven will end. What cultivation of the Dao is there, then, to speak of?

6 原靈一離開,炁統就斷嗣了。你同天上邊的關係就斷掉了,還有什麼道行可談?

The Fourth Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, July 5, 1993