161. The Human Dao; the Heavenly Dao; Reversing the Path


1 I am not against marriage. This is the human Dao, and it is natural. Yet each one of you comes from different origin and with different missions, and your assignments depend on whether you have unusual origins and unusual missions.

1 我不是反對結婚,這是人道,[是]應該的啊!但每個人的來根與使命不同。這要看你的來根是不是非常的來根,你的使命是不是非常的使命。

2 If your initial assignment was to come to the world with a special talent, you cannot ignore that assignment. If you came as an ordinary person, just follow the worldly customs to get married and have children. This is just because of different missions.

2 如果你當初來的時候,就是要到人間來走一趟,做一個傑出的人才,那你就不能忘本。如果你來的時候就是要做一個普通人,就要隨世俗走,男婚女嫁,生兒育女,這是因為使命不同啊!

3 I believe that you are all special people, with special talents in the Lord of Universe Church. Let us see if we can cultivate these special people to follow the immortal Dao and not the human Dao.

3 我相信你們都是突出的人才,天帝教的特別人才。看我們能不能培養這些特殊的人才,不走人道,走仙道。

4 Those who take the immortal Dao must reverse their worldly paths. They have big ambitions and lofty goals. They have great aspirations and they must be willing to make big vows. Naturally, I encourage everyone to make big vows and have great aspirations. This is not possible for ordinary people. I believe there are a few special, talented people in each Class.

4 走仙道的人,就是反其道而行,一定要有大願、有大志,並且要立大志、發大願。所以我鼓勵大家發大願、立大志,當然一般人是不可能這麼做的,但我相信每一期總會有幾個特殊的人才。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, December 22, 1992