102. The Spiritual World of Anthro-Celestial Union


1 The ancient Daoists of China understood that heaven is a great universe, and a human being is a small universe. Heaven has four seasons and eight yearly solar terms; [21] a human being has four limbs and eight extraordinary channels. Heaven has its periodic cycles; in humans, there is the natural circulation of qi-and-blood, which is also a celestial cycle.

1 我國古代道家了解天為一大天,人為一小天;天有四時八節,人有四體八脈;天有週天,人有氣血循環即是週天一轉,等等自然之道。

2 The human body utilizes the law of reciprocity to attune matter with nature. Through a process of spiritual and bodily tempering, one will eventually break through the constraints of the physical world. The transformation of qi causes wondrous transformation of body and spirit, bringing eternal life. Thus one enters the eternal spiritual realm of anthro-celestial union.

2 人能運用自然與物質相配化合之理,經過精神肉體鍛煉的過程,終必超脫物理世界的束縛,氣化而形神俱妙,長生不死,進入天人合一的永恆精神世界。

3 This is part of the spiritual civilization that was handed down by our ancestors. Furthermore, it shows that for the past 5,000 years, the Chinese people have believed that a spiritual world exists beyond the material world. Thus, I say that the highest realm of Chinese thought has always been anthro- celestial union.

3 這不但是中國老祖宗留傳下來的精神文明,而且更足以說明中國人五千年來,一直認為在物質世界之外,還有一個精神世界的存在,所以中國思想一直以天人合一為最高境界。

4 The Chinese people say: “As an ideal form emerges in heaven; a physical form remains on Earth.” That is to say, first there is the spiritual world, and then there is the material world. The realm of anthro- celestial union is the spiritual world.

4 「在天成象,在地留形」,就是先有精神世界,後有物質世界。天人合一的境界,就是精神世界。

5 These ideas confirm that quiet sitting is related to the union between heaven and humanity.

5 凡此種種,都是加強證實中國正宗靜坐和天人合一的關係。

6 From this we know that advanced cultivation of quiet sitting, at the very least, can prevent illness and extend life, bringing good health and longevity. It can probe the mysteries of the universe and the ultimate in human life. It lets man communicate with spirits and unveil revelations from heaven. It can prolong our stay on Earth to save this world and to discharge our affinities. Taken to its fullest, it can transcend the mundane and enter the sacred. It can give everlasting life and return us to oneness with nature.

6 由此而知靜坐進修,小而可以袪病延年、健康長壽,可以探討宇宙秘奧人生究竟,可以神人交通透露天人消息,可以長久駐世救世了緣;大而可以超凡入聖,長生不死,回歸自然!

An Academic Lecture, October 27, 1979


[21] The eight solar terms throughout the year are the beginning of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, spring and autumnal equinox, and summer and winter solstices.