169. Where Is Your Mind While Chanting the Orisons?


1 You have prayed in the luminorium. Even though your blue robe is clean and neat, you have washed your hands and rinsed your mouth before entering the luminorium, you did not cleanse your mind; therefore, your mind is not clean.

1 上光殿做祈禱,儘管穿的道袍乾乾淨淨,也都洗手、漱口了,但沒有洗心,所以心不乾淨。

2 In order to surrender your mind, you need to temper it until there is nothing left in it. When there is no trace of improper thoughts of fame, wealth, and sex in you, you can stand in the luminorium and be aboveboard.

2 要降服其心,就要煉心,要煉得心裡面一無所有。名利思想、色情思想,這些不正當的思想,腦海裡一點都沒有,站在光殿才能正大光明。

3 Many strivers’ minds are not clean while chanting the Grand Orison, as they are unable to free their minds from thoughts. Even though they are chanting, they cannot let their mind go. This is why I initiated the “Mount Hua Style” of Grand Orison Chanting.

3 很多同奮在光殿唸皇誥,心裡面不乾淨,不能清淨,只管嘴巴在唸,但是心放不下,所以我要發動華山模式唸皇誥。

4 “Mount Hua Style” chanting teaches a uniform set of moves, which must be performed in unison by all attendees according to the sound of the wooden fish [a Buddhist percussion instrument]. If you are thinking of something else, you make a mistake right away. When others are kneeling down or kowtowing and you are not, it shows clearly that you are distracted, absentminded or thinking of something else.

4 華山模式,就是要聽了木魚聲後,大家動作一致。如果你心裡面想旁的事情,馬上就發生錯誤。人家跪你沒有跪,人家磕頭你沒有磕頭。這表示你這個人心裡面想東想西,心不在焉,動心了。

5 “Mount Hua Style” is to test you while chanting the Grand Orison. The main thing is your mind. Where is your mind? Are your moves the same as other strivers?

5 華山模式,就是在考驗同奮唸皇誥時,看你們的心在哪裡?動作有沒有和別人一致?

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, June 2, 1993