111. The Dao Test and the Devil Test


1 The “Dao” is of righteous force. The devil is of evil force. These two are in opposition to each other, yet they have been coexisting since the beginning of time.

1 「道」是正義的力量,魔是邪惡的勢力。道與魔是對立的,但自古以來一直是道魔並闡。

2 Without the “devil” one cannot see the “Dao.” Historically speaking, there would be no way to reveal loyal courtiers, had there been no treacherous court officials in each dynasty. A Dao cultivator can only be successful after going through a series of “devil tests.”

2 沒有「魔」,顯不出「道」來。歷史上每一朝代中,如沒有奸臣,根本無法顯出忠臣。而一位修道的人,必然在迭遭魔考後才會成功。

3 In fact, the “devil” may not always be bad. It is just playing an antagonistic role to test a Dao cultivator’s determination and perseverance through trials and tribulations.

3 其實「魔」並不一定是壞的,只是扮演相反的角色,藉此考驗、磨鍊一個修道人的決心與毅力而已。

4 Everything in this world has a counter side. Ordinary people will surely experience tests of their “seven emotions and six desires”[25] in the journey of cultivating the Dao.

4 世界上任何一件事都是相對的。一般凡夫俗子在修道上一定要遭受魔考,考驗大家的七情六慾。

5 If you are lascivious, the devil will give you what you want to satisfy your lust; if you are greedy for money, it will entice you right away and help you find ways to get more money. This is the first step of testing you. Whatever you desire, it will entice you to make you go along with it.

5 你好色,他就投你所好;你貪財,他馬上引誘你,助你鑽營。這是考驗你的第一步。你想什麼他就來誘惑你,使你動了凡心跟他走。

6 There had been no Dao cultivators who rose to high levels without ever been tested; it is just a matter of the types of tests—big or small. The devil will use any possible way to make you change your mind and quit cultivating the Dao.

6 古往今來,從沒有一位修道人,是不受魔考而能直上青雲的,不過是「大考」、「小考」之不同而已。魔會用各種方法讓你退志,不能修道。

7 The Dao and devil tests are different in nature. The Dao test is testing Church staff and loyal strivers to see if they are firm in their will, if they can keep their initial mind, and can endure trials and tribulations.

7 道考與魔考不一樣。道考在我們教裏就是考教職人員和忠誠同奮。看看他們能否意志堅定,不變初心,經得起考驗。

8 Some strivers have special callings in different aspects of holocaust-rescuing missions, and some strivers make special contributions in preaching work. Heaven will give them the Dao tests before assigning them to great missions.

8 有許多在救劫方面負有特別使命的,或將來在弘教方面有特殊貢獻的人,天將降大任於這些同奮身上,必先加一番道考。

9 Therefore, I hope those strivers who are in charge will not be complacent as a result of having accumulated little merits. You need to accumulate more merits, reinforce building virtues, and strive hard to transform your destiny.

9 因此,希望我們每位負責同奮在現有小小功德的薄弱基礎上,不要自滿。要趕快培功,加強培德,努力奮鬥,方能改造命運。

10 Once you have passed the Dao tests, Heaven will make new arrangement for you to be of “great service” to others.

10 通過道考,然後上天將會重作安排,而此人也必有「大用」。

The R.O.C. Presiding Hall, November, 1984


[25] The seven emotions according to Chinese medicine are "anger, grief, worry, joy, sorrow, fear, and fright." The seven emotions are traditionally defined in Confucianism as "joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hatred, and desire." The six desires in Buddhism refer to pleasing one's "sight, sound, smell, taste, physical comfort, and thoughts."