89. Equality of Sacred and Mundane


1 “Equality of sacred and mundane” is the central theme of the doctrine of the Lord of Universe Church. It is because people create their own wealth or poverty, intelligence or stupidity, and strengths or weaknesses. Even people who became divine beings or saints are not born with natural gifts. It is because people strive, plant, cultivate, and create their own circumstances.

1 「聖凡平等」四字為天帝教教義之中心理論。因為富貴、貧賤、智庸、強弱、仙佛、神聖均非天生或天賦,皆是人面對環境、時勢,靠後天自奮、自植、自修、自創而來。

2 Saints come from people. Sainthood is achieved through self-cultivation. There is no need to fear sainthood. Divine beings did not begin as nobles or superior beings. It all depends on an individual’s self-cultivation and self-tempering. That is why I say “equality of sacred and mundane.”

2 人為聖之基,聖乃人修成。神聖無足畏懼,仙佛原非尊與高,全憑凡軀自我培養磨鍊而成,故曰「聖凡平等」。

A Most Grateful Life Recordings at Dashangfang under the White Cloud Peak, July 1, 1996