130. Expelling Yin; Intaking Yang


1 The nutrients we common mortals absorb each day have yin etropons. The nutrients we absorb each day come with murky qi, yin qi, and yin etropons.

1 我們這個凡體,吸進來的都是陰電。除了每天吸收的營養中有些就是濁氣、陰氣之外,再加上我們本身就帶有許多的陰電子。

2 Modern people like to dress up. No matter how beautiful their outfits may look and how dressy they may be, yin qi and murky qi are still in their bodies. This is because no one is able to expel them!

2 現代人講究化妝。衣服穿的再漂亮,打扮的再好,可是身體裡的陰氣、濁氣還是沒有辦法去掉,因為消不掉啊!

3 Why do we call human bodies odorous skin bags? Because the skin wraps the bones, pus, and blood. It keeps the offensive odor inside. When one dies, the spirit leaves the body behind and everything of this world comes to an end.

3 為什麼叫臭皮囊?外皮包骨頭,裡面就是一包膿、一包血,都是臭氣,所以叫臭皮囊。人一死,靈魂一出去,一切都完了。

4 Now I want you to stretch your legs and forcefully pull your feet and toes up, toward your body. This is the most important step in completing your quiet sitting.

4 現在各位做功夫,我要你們把兩條腿伸出去,把腳掌往後扳。最重要的是在下坐。

5 You have already sat for a while. Your body’s inner qi workings have been activated. You have to pull your toes back, stretching the feet, so that the inner murky qi and yin qi can be channeled out through the soles.

5 你已經坐幾十分鐘了,內部的氣機已經在運化了。你一定要用力將腳掌往後扳,使得內部的濁氣、陰氣有個管道,能夠從腳丫丫上面排出去。

6 For each amount of yin qi expelled, you can take in the same amount of yang qi from nature.

6 排出一分陰氣,就可以吸收天地一分的陽氣。

The Third Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, July 7, 1991