116. Retreating to Cultivate the Dao


1 In the point of view of the Lord of Universe Church, the noun “retreat” means one person or a group of people research specific problem(s) or matter(s) jointly, at a specific location isolated from the rest of the world, during a designated time frame.

1 「閉關」就天帝教而言,即是與外界隔離,並在一個特定的地方及規定的時間內,一個人或一些人來共同從事某個特定的研究課題,或某件特定的事。

2 Their minds must be focused and clear in order to connect with the spiritual energy from heaven, so that they could achieve their anticipated goals.

2 閉關時務必心無兩用,務必專精一志,使頭腦清晰,如此方能與天上的靈氣配合,達到某種預期的目標。

3 You will need a great deal of time for resting during this stage, so that you will be able to meet the requirement of four quiet sitting sessions each day. The highest level is reaching the “anthro-celestial union.” To get to this level, one has to go through the quiet sitting process, in order to return to innocence and create a new life.

3 這個階段要有充分的休息時間,確實做到每天四坐的要求。「天人合一」是最高的境界,欲達到此境界,一定要經過靜坐的過程,才能返璞歸真,創造新生命。

The First Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, July 14, 1986