101. The Dao Is Not Outside of One’s Self, the Dao Is within the Human Heart

一0一、身外無道 道在人心

1 Everyone has roots in the Dao, and everyone is united with the Dao. Everyone can cultivate the Dao and everyone can attain the Dao. Cultivating the Dao is no more than cultivating the self. Outside of the self, there is no Dao.

1 人人都有道根,人人都與道合。人人都能修道,人人都可得道。修道不外修身,身外無道。

2 To cultivate the Dao, you must first make your heart upright, since the Dao is in the human heart. All you need to do to turn it around is to seek it in yourself. It is up to you to quiet-sit and cultivate.

2 修道必先正心,道在人心。只有反求諸己,靠自己靜坐修煉。

3 Chinese Original Quiet Sitting is part of China’s heritage. It was passed down from ancestors about 5,000 years ago. It can strengthen bodies and bloodlines, nurture life, confer longevity, and unite heaven with humanity. For ancient Daoists, it was the fundamental practice for tempering spirit and flesh in order to transcend the bonds of physicality, and to attain eternal life through wondrous transformation of body and spirit.

3 中國正宗靜坐,是我國五千年前老祖宗留下來的強身強種、養生長生、天人合一惟一的遺產,也是古代道家鍛煉精神、肉體,以求超越物理世界之束縛,而達形神俱妙長生不老之基本修煉方法。

Third Lecture of Chinese Original Quiet Sitting, August 5, 1979