120. Settling the Mind to Let the Innate Workings of Qi Proceed Naturally


1 The fundamental method of quiet sitting is to let everything go so you can settle your mind. Let your bodily qi processes go through their natural change and evolution.

1 靜坐基本的方法,是要把一切統統放下,讓心定下來,聽任生理上氣機自然變化、改造。

2 Let the innate workings of qi proceed naturally in the body, and internalize the knowledge you acquired in class for your thorough understanding and mastery.

2 也就是讓先天生理上的氣機自然運轉,與後天講堂上學的知識融會貫通。

3 I hope that fellow-strivers will resolve to end the cycles of birth and death, while living up to the missions entrusted to you by God: to preach the Dao and save the world from holocausts. In the end, we will return together to God’s side.

3 希望同奮能下決心,了斷生死,同時能擔當起 上帝交付你們的弘教救劫使命,最後一起回到 上帝的身邊。

The Men’s Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Ninth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, December 19, 1987