133. Relaxing Body and Mind


1 The most important thing of practicing the natural, non-purposive mindfulness is “practicing without the slightest artificial effort.” It has to be natural and non- purposive.

1 自然無為心法的功夫,最重要的就是「用功夫的時候,不用絲毫人為的力量」,要自然無為。

2 This means that when we do quiet sitting, both body and mind have to be relaxed. The body, hands, feet, and nerves have to be relaxed. Link your hands in a mudra [a ritual hand posture] with no force. Let your mind relax as well. Everything has to be relaxed and without any tension.

2 就是在我們打坐的時候,要輕鬆,身、心皆放鬆。身體、手、腳、神經,都要放鬆。扣手印也不要用力,心理上也要放鬆。一切一切都要放鬆,不要緊張。

3 Quiet sitting is a matter of great importance. It must be done naturally, without any purpose and without any set goals. Do not do it for health’s sake or for returning to God’s side. Think of nothing. Just do it in a relaxed way, in a natural way, without any purpose, and you will not be nervous. Your quiet sitting will always benefit from no tension.

3 打坐是件天大的事,要無所為而坐。沒有目的,不要為健康長壽而坐,也不要想要回到 上帝左右,什麼都不要想,只要輕輕鬆鬆、自自然然,沒有目的,就不會緊張了。不緊張對你的坐功就有幫助。

The Third Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, July 17, 1991