149. Cultivating Perfection; Mounting to Perfection


1 To cultivate the Dao is to cultivate the mind. Only when the mind can be put down can one become perfect. To cultivate perfection, the true self requires one to transcend the mundane, enter the sacred and mount to perfection.

1 修道就是修心。心若能放下,最後才能成真。修真就是修真我,就是要超凡、入聖、登真。

2 “Mounting to perfection” is returning to oneness with nature and returning to God’s side. By then the true self can roam at ease, abiding by the universe, without thrashing about in the cycle of reincarnation and at last be able to end the cycle of birth and death.

2 「登真」就是回歸自然,回到 上帝的左右,可以逍遙自在,與宇宙共始終,不用再在輪迴裡顛顛倒倒,可以了斷生死了。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, July 27, 1992