229. Truth Cannot Be Distorted


1 God has told us to follow the truth and remain steadfast in facing all changes. Right is right, wrong is wrong, good is good, evil is evil.

1 上帝告訴我們,只有站在真理的前面,始終以不變應萬變。是就是是,非就是非,善即是善,惡即是惡。

2 Everything we do must be based on our conscience and rationale. We judge or criticize from the standpoint of righteousness. Under no circumstances can we plagiarize or act upon personal sentiment, do things against our clear conscience to self-deceive, distort truths, or turn truths “upside down.”

2 一切須憑著良心,憑著理性,以正義的標準去判斷批評,不容我們有絲毫的假借,些微的感情用事,昧著良知,欺騙自己,歪曲事實,顛倒黑白。

3 Do not think that people can be bullied or cheated. Do not take crookedness as righteousness, or vice versa. Know that people know right from wrong. What was done will ultimately be disclosed.

3 我們不要認為人盡可欺,人盡可騙,不可以曲為直,以直為曲。要知公道自在人心,是非終有水落石出的時候。

4 A modern citizen must have the basic knowledge of what is right for the public from what is wrong; from what is good for the public to what is bad. He needs to cultivate the righteous spirit and kind atmosphere in the society where good citizens are rewarded and bad ones are punished.

4 一個現代國民,必須要有公是公非、公善公惡的基本認識,養成社會獎勵好人打擊壞人的仗義精神、善良風氣。

“Voices of Heaven, Words of Man,” June 11, 1954