195. Sacrificing One’s Small Self to Fulfill the Greater Self

一九五、犧牲小我 成就大我

1 I control my own destiny. The “I” is referring to the “greater I,” not the “small I,” which means the fate of the entire human race.

1 我命由我不由天。「我」可以說是大我,不是小我,是指整個世界人類的命運。

2 When we talk about the “small self,” we normally talk about how we should conduct ourselves individually in society. As long as we remain aboveboard and engage ourselves actively in accumulating merits and virtues, we can change our individual destinies. However, at this time no one has any assurance about his life.

2 我們談小我,多半是談個人立身處世。只要正大光明,積極培功立德,可以改造個人小我的命運。但是,今天世界上每一個人的生命都沒有保障。

3 If everyone is only looking for what he can gain, and if the United States of America is only looking out for her own national interest, ultimately everyone will be enslaved by Communism.

3 如果每一個人都只為個人打算,如果美國只為自己國家打算,最後每一個人一定會受共產主義的奴役。

4 We should make big vows to save the world and its people, be sincere in our prayers to God together and use the righteous qi to support our big vows. “My destiny” is the destiny of the entire human race.

4 我們每一個人都應有救世救人的大願,共同以至誠來祈禱 上帝,用正氣力量來支援我們的大願。「我命」就是整個世界人類的命運。

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, Los Angeles, USA, September 23, 1987