196. Awakening Human Hearts Helps People Escape Acute Crises

一九六、人心覺醒 逃過急性危機

1 This modern world is full of chronic crises. As the evolution of this materialistic civilization continues, people do whatever it takes to satisfy their personal materialistic urges, be it by cheating, robbing, or even worse by invading or killing others. This is true on a small scale as with individuals, and it is also true on a larger scale as with countries. The entire world behaves like this. The pervasion of chronic crises leads to acute crisis.

1 現代的社會到處充滿了慢性危機。由於物質文明不斷的昇高,人們為了滿足自己個人的物質享受,為不擇手段達到目的,用種種方法詐欺搶奪,甚而進一步去殺害別人、侵略別人。個人如此,國家如此,整個世界都是如此。慢性的危機蔓延下去,造成急性的危機。

2 There is nothing mysterious about the End Time of the Third Epoch. It is the Third World War, the nuclear war. The result of such a war is that everyone will perish together, and the world will come to an end. This is the acute crisis, which results from chronic crises.

2 三期末劫一點也不神秘。它就是第三次世界大戰-核子戰爭。戰爭的結果是大家同歸於盡,造成整個世界毀滅。這就是急性的危機,是由慢性的危機而來。

3 Because of the spiritual bankruptcy of civilization, humans are moving further and further away from God. The future of people today lies in conflict, and they are unaware that they are living in chronic crises. The end to this will be the destruction from acute nuclear warfare.

3 因為人類精神文明破產,世人離 上帝愈來愈遠,所以今天人類的前途是在矛盾中間,生活在慢性危機之中而不自覺,最後只有走上急性核子毀滅戰爭。

4 The fundamental reason is that the human hearts have already become so evil that it has gotten out of hand. Since “cause” leads to “effect,” and “effect” reverts to the “cause,” retribution recycles between the aggressor and the prey have reached such an irreversible point.

4 根本的原因在於人心險惡已至不可收拾的地步,因果循環,冤冤相報,以至於此。

5 Today we are living in a time with peril all around us. This peril is caused by the common karma; that is to say, it is our destiny. From a religious point of view, it can be said that all the adversities are caused by humans.

5 今天是世界面臨危機四伏的時代。這一個危機就是共業所造成的,也是氣運到了。在宗教上也可以說劫由人造。

6 This adversity is the nuclear holocausts during the End Time. The temporal mission of the Lord of Universe Church is to help all the living beings of this world to escape from the nuclear holocaust.

6 所謂劫,即是世界末日核戰浩劫。天帝教的時代使命就是要天下蒼生逃過這一場核戰浩劫。

Los Angeles Chinese Culture Center, USA, September 26, 1987