201. Letting the Mind Be Clean and Free of Self


1 In accordance with the goal of “securing Taiwan and protecting the Republic of China,” I now give the words of letting the mind “be unselfish and free of self” to the strivers of the Lord of Universe Church.

1 我為了配合「保台護國」這個目標,再以「無私無我」四個字贈予天帝教同奮。

2 As long as no one is being selfish there is the possibility of fulfilling the greater self. Only when everyone continues to chant the two Orisons [the Grand Orison and the Precious Orisons] faithfully and bring in persons of affinity through various means, can Taiwan survive through the crisis and its twenty million people can have a future.

2 只要大家沒有私心,就可能成就大我。只有大家繼續發心虔誦兩誥,廣度原人,台灣才能度過危機,兩千萬同胞才有前途。

3 Since the beginning of the revival, the spirit of the Lord of Universe Church has been asking everyone to “not look for what one can gain, not seek one’s own blessings.” That is the meaning of “letting the mind be clean and free of self.”

3 天帝教的精神,在復興初期即要求大家不為自己打算,不求個人福報,就是「無私無我」的意義。

4 However, I also understand that it would be impossible for anyone to be totally unselfish since we were born with it. Since people have been overindulging themselves and think only about themselves, their collective karmic debts accumulated to become the End Time of the Third Epoch.

4 但是我也了解,人不可能沒有私心,人一生下來就有私心。只因為人人放縱私心,事事為己,造成今天人類三期末劫的共業。

5 Therefore, I ask the strivers of the Lord of Universe Church to work on themselves to become less selfish and have fewer desires. Ultimately they can reach the level of letting the mind be clean and free of “self.”

5 因此我只要求天帝教同奮能從少私寡欲做起,最後自然可以做到無私無我。

6 Only when strivers can fully understand the real meaning of “letting the mind be clean and free of self,” “sacrificing the small self for the completion of the greater self” can we reach the goal of securing Taiwan and protecting the Republic of China.

6 只有當同奮能真正了解「無私無我」、「犧牲小我,完成大我」的真正意義,才可能達到保台護國的目的。

7 As long as our minds are open to bringing the righteous qi into play, we can definitely eradicate the miasma of violence in the air. If our fellow strivers can keep these words in their hearts to chant and to bring people to the Church, everyone will have a very bright future.

7 只要以開闊的心胸發揮正氣力量,一定可以掃清無形中的暴戾凶殺之氣。同奮們若能將這幾句話常記在心,一面誦誥,一面度人,大家的前途一定十分光明遠大。

Taizhong Fellowship Meeting, September 27, 1989