202. Building the Country Based on the Three Principles of the People


1 In the past forty years, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait began building up their lands simultaneously. Mainland China tried out Communism. Taiwan started out as a poor, backward little island with scarce resources, whose people chose to build their island based on the Three Principles of the People. Its economic development has been miraculous.

1 四十年來,海峽兩岸從同一時間起步,大陸實驗共產主義,台灣在一個貧窮落後資源極為缺乏的小島上試驗三民主義。經過事實的證驗,三民主義建設台灣,順民之所欲,發展經濟,居然出現奇蹟。

2 The practice of Communism in Mainland China proved to be a failure. As the world’s trend ran its course, the Communists had to drop the Revisionism [Marxism], and move toward Reformism, taking on the ideology of “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” for the livelihood of more than one billion and one hundred million people. Although the “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” and the Three Principles of the People use a different approach, they serve, in fact, the same purpose.

2 大陸實行共產主義失敗。大勢所趨,為十一億以上之人民生活,不得不放棄共產主義修正路線,堅定不移地推進改革開放,走中國特色的社會主義道路。所謂「中國特色的社會主義」,豈不與三民主義有其異曲同工之妙?

A Letter to Mr. Deng Xiaoping, January 15, 1991