227. The Human Dao Saves People’s Hearts; the Heavenly Dao Saves the World from Holocausts


1 The Lord of Universe Church advocates “fulfill your worldly obligations first and then cultivate the heavenly Dao.” To fulfill worldly obligations you begin with conducting yourself. This means you want to cultivate righteous qi, build your character to be aboveboard and do your work with fairness, be loyal to your country, honor your parents and follow the “Code of Life,” the Twenty Watchwords. After you have fulfilled all these, you then cultivate the heavenly Dao, saving people and the world from holocausts.

1 天帝教主張「先盡人道,再修天道」。在家盡人道,先從做人開始,就是要培養正氣,堂堂正正做人,規規矩矩做事,忠愛國家,孝順父母,力行人生守則-廿字真言,做一般人的模範;然後再修天道,救劫救人。

2 Right now we are praying and chanting the Orisons every day in all the Halls and Chapels of the Church, for the safety of life and property of those twenty million people in Taiwan. However, “calamities are man- made.” To save the world from calamities, we must begin with saving the human hearts, which are our roots. To save the world from calamities is to save the hearts, or rather, to reform people’s hearts.

2 我們現在每天在各地教院教壇祈禱誦誥,就是為了台灣二千萬同胞生命財產的安全。但是「劫由人造」。救劫必須從根救起,根即人心。救劫即救心,就是要改造人心。

3 All strivers of the Lord of Universe Church are holocaust-rescuing missionaries. You must bring your force of saving the people of the world from holocausts into full play. You begin by transforming yourself. Sacrifice yourselves to help others fulfill themselves and then the world could have peace and the society of Taiwan could be peaceful.

3 天帝教同奮都是救劫使者,要發揮救世、救劫、救人的力量。首先要從改造自己開始,犧牲自己,成就別人,世界才能和平,台灣社會才能祥和。

The Men’s Thirteenth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Xianxiu Class and the Women’s Sixth Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Class, November 28, 1993