224. The Phase of Onset Is Also for Rescuing Beings from Holocausts


1 Whenever a planet in the universe with intelligent beings is about to face major catastrophes, God always sends some high beings of the nonphysical realm to that planet, to teach the living beings and try to bring the persons of affinity back. The purpose of launching the Phase of Onset is also to save people. The intent of bringing on calamities is to make people understand that they can change their thoughts and behaviors. What a dreadful sight it is to watch people die [under such conditions].

1 上帝每逢宇宙間有智慧生物的星球要發生重大劫難時,一定會先派上聖高真投入這個星球,教化這個星球上的生靈,儘量收度原人。天上行劫的目的,也是為了救人,希望用行劫的方法,使一般人明白大家可以改變行為、思想。看看人死的情形實在可怕。

2 Those of us who remain living in this world must have decent hearts, and be kind in dealing with others. The approach of the Phase of Onset is to kill in order to stop killing, with the hope that eliminating one bad person will save one hundred good persons. Therefore, looking back, we can see that the purpose of the Phase of Onset is also about rescuing people.

2 我們沒死的人,留在世界上,要發善心做人。所以行劫的方法是以殺止殺、殺一儆百的意思;希望藉著減少一個壞人,救一百個好人,因此行劫的目的,倒過來看還是救劫。

The Leili’a Dao Center, July 2, 1992