226. Uniting with Engendered Spirits to Bring Their Joint Forces into Full Play


1 Billions of spirits were created at the time God created the universe. By applying the laws of nature, God sent those spirits to the atmosphere of planets that [later] had life- forms.

1 上帝創造宇宙的同時,即孕育萬性萬靈,並運用大自然的法則,將萬性萬靈分散至每一個有生物體的星球上空。

2 The spirits followed these laws of nature, took life-forms, began their life journey, and evolved to be intelligent beings (human- like). Once these spirits took a life-form they become the master of that physical life- form. They are referred to as the “engendered spirits.”

2 這許許多多的性靈分別依循著自然法則投入生物體,形成生命的開始,進而成為有智慧的生物(人類)。此一投入之性靈,即成為此一生物的主宰,這就是「原靈」。

3 These engendered spirits usually had gone through cultivation over a period of billions of years. At times, some of these spirits were sent down to the physical world to rescue people, and at times some would come to this world as a life-form, at which time their spirits become the spirit of the physical life-form (known as vital spirit). That person is referred to the primigenial being [namely, the person of affinity]. After achieving the Dao, persons of affinity that have embodied with engendered spirits would return to God to resume their service. This is the relationship between an engendered spirit and a person of affinity [primigenial being.]

3 原靈通常經過千千萬萬年的修煉。有時原靈奉命下凡,到人間救世救人,會投在某一個特定人的身上,成為這一個特定人的性靈(即元神),此人即稱原人。待成道以後,仍舊回到 上帝左右服務。這就是原靈與原人的關係。

4 During the process of searching for the engendered spirits of the attending strivers in the Quiet Sitting Classes, we have found some of their spirits have been to this world many “turns,” meaning, the number of times they had come down to the world to rescue people, had achieved the Dao, and returned back to heaven. Some indicated how many “reincarnations” (“times”) they had come down to the world. For example, “two reincarnations” means they have come to the physical world twice, four reincarnations means four times.

4 天帝教靜坐班的查原靈,有提到轉幾世。「轉」就是下凡救世救人,修道有成,仍然回天。「世」即「次」,二世就是下凡二次,四世就是下凡四次之意。

5 “Uniting with Engendered Spirit” is to allow the engendered spirit to dispense a fraction of its own spirit (harmonon energy) into the primigenial being’s brain, becoming his boss, dominating his thinking and behavior, helping him to fulfill his worldly obligations as a human being, and making his life as smooth as possible, so that he [the person of affinity] can accomplish his mission on Earth of rescuing and saving people’s lives, and then help him cultivate the heavenly Dao so that he can still return to God in the future.

5 「合體」就是原靈分靈(電氣)貫注到原人大腦裡,成為此一原人的主宰,在其腦部指揮他的思想、行動,並幫助他先盡人道,使他一切順利,並完成救世救人的使命,達到下凡救世的目的,然後再幫助他專修天道,使他將來仍能回到 上帝的左右。

6 On the other hand, if the engendered spirit cannot unite with the primigenial being, and the vital spirit of the primigenial being is not strong enough, the engendered spirit cannot perform its functions. If the primigenial being is not careful, he will have to go through the process of reincarnation again.

6 反之,如果原靈不能合體,而元神力量不夠,就不能發揮作用,往往一不小心他就顛倒輪迴了。

The Seventh Chinese Original Quiet Sitting Japan Special Training Class, November 11, 1993