183. The Mysteries of the Universe


1 A myriad of stars constitute each solar system, and many solar systems form a galaxy. A number of galaxies converge to become galaxy constellations.

1 天上的很多星星在宇宙中組成一個個太陽系,很多個太陽系組成銀河系,很多銀河系集結成銀河星群。

2 There are innumerable solar systems in the universe. The entire universe is structured on the basis of solar systems so each solar system is just as minute in the universe as a cell is in a human body.

2 宇宙中的太陽系真是無量無邊,無法計數的。一個太陽系就如同人體的一個細胞一樣渺小,整個宇宙以太陽系為起點、為基礎。

3 The Earth is indeed minute from the standpoint of the creator of the universe, and people on Earth are too insignificant. Then, why do people on Earth still fight or rage wars over small differences or little profits? They are too ignorant!

3 對於創造宇宙的主宰來講,地球實在很渺小;而地球上的人類,更是微不足道了。那麼,地球上的人為什麼還要為小紛爭、小利益而戰爭、決鬥呢?實在太無知了。

4 The creator of the universe is in the nonphysical spiritual world. We live in a material world in a physical universe. All matter will be destroyed someday, all in its own time. It is a process, which follows the steps of fullness, emptiness, decline, and growth, and which are the mysteries of the universe.

4 創造宇宙的主宰是在精神世界,此精神世界即無形宇宙;而我們生活的世界是物質世界,即有形宇宙。凡是物體總有一天要毀滅的。因為物體有「數」,數滿了就要毀滅,這就是盈虛消長之道,亦即宇宙之奧妙。

Kazan Kai Kan (Kazan Conference Center), Tora no Mon, Tokyo, Japan, November 19, 1983