228. The Specific Missions of the Tianji Traveling Palace


1 Our Tianji Traveling Palace is not a temple. It does not have any religious idols. It is different from ordinary temples. It is a spiritual fortress.

1 我們這座天極行宮,不是廟,裡面沒有供奉任何偶像。它與普通的廟宇不一樣,它是一座精神堡壘。

2 The purpose of building it is for the future of our country. It is to antagonize the Communists across the Taiwan Strait. You should not overlook the might of the nonphysical forces.

2 它興建的主要原因是為了我們國家的前途。要對抗台灣海峽彼岸的中共,無形的力量是不可忽視的。

3 I do know that for the sake of Taiwan’s safety, God has chosen the savior of the Chinese race, our national father, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, and our late president, Jiang Jieshi [aka Chiang Kai-shek] to be the presiding spirit and deputy presiding spirit of the Tianji Traveling Palace. God also assigned them three specific missions:

3 我知道 上帝已經為了確保台灣安全起見,遴選中華民族的救星國父孫公、先總統蔣公,擔任此行宮玉靈殿的正、副殿主,並交付祂們三個特定的任務:

4 (1) to merge forces from the physical and the nonphysical sides to consolidate Taiwan as the Base of Revival,

4 (一)結合有形無形的力量,鞏固台灣復興基地。

5 (2) to employ the nonphysical force to influence the hearts of compatriots on Mainland China to invoke anti- Communism revolution,

5 (二)運用無形的力量,影響大陸同胞,人心思漢,導發反共革命。

6 (3) to use the nonphysical force in the meantime, to force the Chinese Communists give up Communism and accept the calling of uniting China according to the Three Principles of the People.

6 (三)同時用無形的力量,使中共放棄共產主義,接受以三民主義統一中國這個號召。

7 Hence, the completion of the construction of the Tianji Traveling Palace has its own temporal missions and historical significance.

7 因此,天極行宮的興建完成,是有它的時代使命與歷史性意義。

8 All strivers of the Lord of Universe Church pray and chant the Orisons religiously day and night. They do not do this for themselves; they strive untiringly to avert holocausts from nuclear wars, and more so, they do it for consolidating the Base of Revival.

8 天帝教的全體同奮大家早晚虔誠唸誥,沒有一個人是為了自己,都是為了化解世界核子戰爭而奮鬥不懈,更是為了鞏固復興基地而虔誠祈禱。

Tianji Traveling Palace, December, 1984